Jailbreak iOS 7 at iJailbreakers

Jailbreak iOS 7, 7.1, 7.1.1  – what is it?

From the origins

iPhones originated since 2007 and the method to run software on them consisted in running Web applications, we call them apps now, and these applications were limited to the Apple published. However, situation changed and App Store appeared and users saw thousands of new application for any purpose. This was real revolution for users, because they could download application on their iPhones. And now, we can see 30k application, which can be downloaded. Great choice, however it is not enough for some particular people. And they make Jailbreak iOS 7, 7.1, 7.1.1 wasn’t created yet.

Limitations elimination

The last iOS version and other version of system appeared to eliminate Apple’s limitation to use any soft they users want. For some people it is enough application in App store, however there are stores, where one can download application do not registered in Apple. And to use them one should jailbreak. There are many abilities that is standard for other telephones, however still remains locked for iOS.

Taste of freedom

Here we can include recording videos, photo zoom, changing look of iPhone interface, custom ringtones. Customization of iPhone remains locked and there are many people who want to change it. Jailbreaking bypasses this limitation and users can use third-party applications. These soft refused to be distributed through official App Store and there is no possibility to get them without it is strong system and many believed that it’s hard to jailbreak and hackers showed that there are nothing safe from hacking, even strong security systems of Apple.

Not only for apps

One should know, jailbreakers want not only installing unsanctioned apps, but acquiring of new possibilities of iPhone usage. One of such creation of tiny computer from iPhone with special Unix application. It is possible due to the fact that the iPhone system is kind of Mac’s OS and advanced users can use it and run some Unix applications. For instance, Little Web server accepting remote connections.

Jailbreaking and Unlocking – not to be confused

Though basic reason for jailbreaking is unlocking. Jailbreaking often confuse with unlocking. Latter gives possibility to use other SIM cards and have nothing connected with iPhone software possibilities.